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"Money do not matter. I want to leave. Immediately. I do not want to hear one more word on the doom of the world, important missions and weird alien technologies. Okay?"

Cynthia is a stunning blonde, around 30 years old. Officially she’s an affirmed and well-known photographer who lives and showcases in London, at the Simple Art Gallery owned by her friend, manager (and practically mother) Gaya Simple. But Cynthia has a secret. She is in fact one of the most talented and elusive thieves the planet has ever known. When she dons her Mist persona, her gorgeous body is encased in a black leather suit that fits her curves perfectly. Because of this “little secret”, she is not fond of having lasting relationships with men, who could interfere with or hinder her double-life.

"To use words that sounds familiar to you: your statements about the death of the bitch was just a bit exaggerated. "

Carol is an introverted and ever unsatisfied student, little over 20 years old. Alternative and certainly a rebel, she is completely penniless and uses her cynicism and scathing sarcasm as her most lethal weapon. Of Central American origins, she studies and lives in Albuquerque’s campus, in New Mexico, where she attends the National American University. She doesn’t care for the fashionable hot spots and more often than not she withdraws to places known only to her, so she can be alone. She has never known her father and has a bad relationship with her mother. She shares her room with her best friend Sidney Drill. But Carol is hiding an ancient and crucial secret that not even she is aware of. She does not know in fact that she is an Anunnaki princess, identified by human beings as the Sumerian goddess, Inanna.

"Oh, come on. It was the feast of the diploma. we drank and smoked so much that we do not even remember our names!"

Cat is a splendid mulatto girl, with a smoking hot body. Having just graduated, at only 28, she started to work for the US Government and became the personal assistant to Mark Soddenberg, a special White House official, in charge of relations with the S4 Secret Services. Dark, wavy hair always kept neatly up, she lives in Washington. Quiet and discrete, precise and methodical, determined and a great organizer. Her life changes when, during a mission at the secret base in Ducle, she is hit behind the head, at the height of her cerebellum, by a shard of a Crystal Skull, which gives her small ESP powers, revealing a secret she should never have found out. Her life in danger, her only chance is to steal the prototype of a specially enhanced military suit and escape as far away as possible. The only person she can now trust is her old journalist friend Dan (Daniel) Coppola.

"We do our job! Republish the pages immediately censored."

Dan is an Italian American and is trying to make it as a freelance journalist via the most important newspapers. Between him and Cat there is a never declared nor openly expressed attraction, save for an innocent kiss, one night, during a party many years prior, that both of them have dismissed as “induced by alcohol and one joint too may”. Cat and Dan often live moments of conflict because the boy, trying to wring his friend for information that would allow him to bring a scoop to an editor that would definitely secure him a job, is sometimes too insistent. In 1993 Dan, tired of chasing the editors of the various newspapers and disappointed in the American information system, founds the Eye of the Storm, a small but renowned online independent newspaper that, it goes without saying, hardly has an easy life.

"... you're getting better. Did you manage to send him away without telling him what you think the real work of the mother or the quarterback who expose her panties in their trophy cabinet."

Sidney is Carol’s roommate and best friend. Sensual and provocative, she is much more extroverted than her friend. A daddy’s girl and very rich, all in all terribly bored, she would do anything to bide her time. But her social conscience is live and kicking. A fervent activist, she is amongst the first to participate in the protests against the Vietnam War and all the campaigns that to her are more than sacrosanct (from the Emancipation of women to those against the use of furs). She’s a free and happy spirit. Even in relationships. In fact Sidney sees no need to hide her attraction for girls, Carol in particular, with whom she has a nonchalant, unpredictable and irregular bond.